Scoliosis Treatment Results

The results of scoliosis treatment can be measured and monitored in a variety of ways. There is the common before and after Xray images portraying curve correction, as well as the overall posture transformation and rib hump improvement. This page has a variety of menu options allowing you to see our frequent treatment results in the format of your choice.

Determine where your case fits in among our success statistics. This page will help give you an idea of how much improvement might be possible for your scoliosis curve based on its size, its shape, and how much growth you have left.

Aesthetic postural appearance is a key factor in determining success when it comes to scoliosis treatment. See our posture transformation results from nonsurgical scoliosis treatment here.

The emergence of a rib hump or lumbar hump is a common indicator of scoliosis and scoliosis progression. Likewise, the regression or disappearance of a hump is a good sign of effective scoliosis treatment. View some of our results here.

See our patients’ scoliosis treatment experiences and learn what to expect while under the care of Scoliosis Care Centers by Janzen and Janzen Chiropractic.

Success in scoliosis treatment depends on you. What are your goals in managing or treating your own unique case of scoliosis? Explore some of the common treatment goals and how success is measured in attaining them.