Scoliosis Rib Hump Results

A rib hump is a key indicator of scoliosis as well as the progression of scoliosis when observed in adolescents. A rib hump is identified during the Adam’s forward bending test. If there is asymmetry in the rib height or there is a noticeable curve in the spine it is very likely that the spine has scoliosis. Just as a rib hump is a key indicator of scoliosis, the regression of a rib hump is an indicator of effective scoliosis treatment and curve reduction.

Lumbar hump treated with nonsurgical scoliosis treatment
Rib Hump Explanation
Scoliosis Rib hump before and after
Scoliosis Rib Hump Treatment
Scoliosis Back treated with brace
Adams test displaying lumbar hump from scoliosis
Scoliosis Rib Hump Adams test
Scoliosis Rib Hump before and after
Adams test rib hump before and after scoliosis treatment
Adams test before and after
Nonsurgical scoliosis treatment for rib hump
scoliosis rib hump transformation
uneven back caused by scoliosis rib hump
Scoliosis Rib Hump Before and After