Scoliosis Surgical Risk Calculator

Scoliosis surgery is typically recommended once a curve is 45 degrees or larger. Calculate your scoliosis surgical risk with this research based calculator.

Is bracing for scoliosis effective?

Bracing has been around a long time, and has changed over the years. But is bracing for scoliosis effective? Learn more with this scientific fact check.

Do the effects of bracing last?

Do the effects of bracing last after the brace is taken off? Do results last long term? Scientific research says YES despite misinformation you may read.

Fact Checking Scoliosis

Info about scoliosis is everywhere online: celebrity doctors; health blogs; but what info is correct? Fact check scoliosis info with science and research.

How Are Scoliosis Braces Made?

Bracing is proven by science to prevent scoliosis surgery and straigthen the spine. Yet bracing often fails. Why does this happen and how do we prevent it?