Missing School

Undergoing treatment at Scoliosis Care Centers by Janzen and Janzen Chiropractic means gaining strength, endurance and capacity both physically and mentally. That being said, we know it can be difficult to miss a few days of school, let alone a week or two for a course at Scoliosis Care CentersTM. Keeping that in mind, the intensive work done during treatment is imperative if you are looking for scoliosis success.

Scoliosis curve progression is correlated with growth spurts

Adolescent cases are susceptible to rapid progression and without proper case management the risk is high

Patients who are interested in true scoliosis success have to understand the importance of time in deciding when to attend Scoliosis Care CentersTM. Scoliosis needs to be managed carefully throughout growth, and that means being in office periodically for program advancement.

Risk of Scoliosis Curve Progression Chart

Some therapies allow for some work to be done, like reading in the Scoliosis Flexibility Trainer, or listening to a lecture while spinal weighting so patients can not fall behind in school. Preparing for missing school is important in staying on track as well, most Scoliosis Care CentersTM attendees are able to get the majority of their school work for independent study while they are undergoing treatments, which allows them to find the time to get some work done.

Scoliosis Care CentersTM closes at 6:00 pm each evening, with most patients done with their day by 5:00 pm, leaving ample time for schoolwork and rest between the busy days as well!