Adult Scoliosis Treatment

Figuring out the best treatment for your adult scoliosis can be time-consuming and often leave you feeling confused and frustrated. Here at Scoliosis Care CentersTM by Janzen and Janzen Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on educating you about your scoliosis and providing a comprehensive approach to help you manage your long-term health.  Our all-inclusive program will give you a clear understanding of your individual scoliosis and a step by step treatment plan to guide you along your healing journey.

How is Scoliosis Care CentersTM different from the rest?

At Scoliosis Care CentersTM by Janzen and Janzen Health Chiropractic, we take pride in utilizing safe and effective treatments to positively impact your scoliosis and overall health. We utilize soft tissue treatments consisting of massage and Active Release Technique along with decompression therapy and chiropractic adjustments to help heal the soft tissues (muscles, discs, ligaments, cartilage and joint capsules) around the spine. We begin with core strengthening and cardiovascular exercises to increase the healing throughout the body and prepare you for scoliosis specific therapy. As you get stronger we introduce scoliosis-specific exercises including Schroth Therapy, SEAS (Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis), and soft bracing to target your individual curves. These exercises will improve posture, biomechanics, and set a strong foundation for long-term improvement. During your time in the office, we may recommend a visit to our functional medicine doctor who can provide you with nutritional and supplement advice to help reduce inflammation and accelerate healing throughout your body. Our Comprehensive approach has helped many adults learn about and manage their individual scoliosis so they can get back to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Important steps to creating and executing a custom adult scoliosis treatment plan at Scoliosis Care CentersTM

Detailed evaluation

Creating the appropriate treatment plan for adults with scoliosis comes from a detailed evaluation of your individual case. The doctor will go through all the history pertaining to your scoliosis, a physical exam to map out exactly how your body is functioning today, review any previous imaging and possibly recommend new imaging to make sure we are taking the safe approach to getting you healthy. We are concerned with the long-term improvement of your health, and making sure we start on the right path is always a crucial step in the process.

The more information you are able to submit via email can greatly speed up the initial intake process

Scoliosis pain and treatment in adults

What’s next: Choose your Scoliosis Care CentersTM Program

Preventative Program

Largely focused on Core and Posture with an emphasis on Scoliosis specific exercises. This adult scoliosis program is designed to prevent the curve from progressing, build strength and stability throughout the spine, and improve aesthetics. This program is ideal for those with minimal pain or symptoms.

Pain and Prevention Program

This program for treating scoliosis in adults is designed to address pain and symptoms associated with scoliosis in the adult spine. Here we focus on two phases:

  • Phase 1: Is all about getting your pain levels down and addressing the root cause of these symptoms in an effort to heal the spine and the surrounding soft tissues.
  • Phase 2: Is taking that healthy and strong spine and now going through our scoliosis specific core and exercise program to help improve the strength and stability of your spine. This leads to better posture and better aesthetics in an effort to slow down the progression of scoliosis.

Individualized Program

Here at Scoliosis Care CentersTM, we understand that your scoliosis can be greatly impacted by other health conditions you may be dealing with. For that reason, we have a team of doctors including a functional medicine doctor who will work with you to understand how these conditions are impacting your individual scoliosis, create treatment plans to address these issues, and guide you every step of the way. Treating these conditions are often crucial to your success while in any of the Scoliosis Care CentersTM programs. We want to leave no stone unturned while we help you take control of your scoliosis for the long term.

*Qualifications: Must be approved by treating doctor to start any program at Scoliosis Care CentersTM.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Scoliosis Treatment

Can I get reduction in my curve?

Once the bones of the spine have reached maturity, the goal of reducing the curve becomes more difficult and thus is not the priority focus for our time here at Scoliosis Care CentersTM. Our goal is to give you a deep understanding of your individual curve, get you to a healthy stage where we can teach you stability and core exercises specific to your scoliosis, and give you the tools necessary to continue this care for the long term.

Is there a risk of progression after I am done growing?

Unfortunately, once you are done growing you are not out of the woods yet. Adult scoliosis curves progress anywhere from ½-1 ½ degrees per year depending on your overall health and degree of your curve. A scoliotic spine is at higher risk for problems because of the additional curves and abnormal biomechanics. This can cause early degeneration even in active and healthy individuals. Women are also at a higher risk of progression because of the hormonal fluctuations associated with childbirth and menopause that can greatly impact the spine.

What does the initial consultation entail?

The initial consultation with the Doctors will be a review of any imaging and your health history, a discussion of what goals you have, and create your recommendations for the program. This can be done in person, or via phone.

*All necessary information must be submitted PRIOR to an initial consultation being scheduled with the Doctors.

How often do I have to come to the clinic?

We have two programs that we offer based on your proximity to the clinic.

  • Our distance program consists of an initial intensive session that requires you to be in clinic anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on your individual situation. This includes half-day sessions of therapies ranging from soft tissue treatments, scoliosis specific exercises, cardiovascular activities, and many more. Our goal here is to get you on track as fast as possible with keeping your health and safety as our top priority. Along this journey, you may be encouraged to try some of our more advanced scoliosis therapies*
  • Our local program has been created as a second option for those who live within a close proximity to the clinic or are unable to attend the intensive program. These programs are designed on an individual basis after the initial consultation. This includes half-day sessions of therapies ranging from soft tissue treatments, scoliosis specific exercises, cardiovascular activities, and many more. Along this journey, you may be encouraged the try some of our more advanced scoliosis therapies*

*Advanced scoliosis therapies must be recommended by the treating doctor.

What happens after I leave the clinic?

After your initial phase of treatment here at Janzen and Janzen Chiropractic’s Scoliosis Care CentersTM you will be confident and prepared that when you return home you have the education and tools to continue your therapy. We provide all the equipment, if necessary, and documentation you will need to continue that successful at-home program you have been looking for. We will plan on scheduling quarterly check-ups in the clinic or via Skype depending on your individual needs. Scoliosis is a lifelong journey and we want to be there with you every step of the way.

What does the adult scoliosis treatment cost?

The cost for our program varies depending on your individual situation. Once you submit all the necessary information, so the doctors can recommend a treatment plan, our scoliosis director will give you a call to discuss finances.

Mallee's adult scoliosis treatment testimonial

The two weeks I spent at Janzen and Janzen Chiropractic was well worth it.  From my first appointment on, they went out of their way to help me.  Erin at the front desk was so welcoming and helpful.  She always showed genuine interest in me as a person, not just a patient.  Dr. Kyle also went above and beyond for me.  He made sure to work me into his busy schedule and spent extra time with me when I needed it.  He listened closely to everything I told him about my injury and kept asking questions in order to better understand my case.  He tried multiple treatments with me in order to find what helped me most.  He also followed up with me after my stay in Campbell and put me in contact with professionals in my area where I could continue treatment.  Individualized care and treatment such as at Janzen and Janzen is rare.  I am thankful for their expertise, knowledge, and skill.

-Mallee, Imperial Valley CA