Success Stories

Scoliosis Success Stories

Meet Katie

A Scoliosis Care Centers veteran with over 2 years under her belt, she has proven that hard work pays off.The five x-rays below show her reduction and the strides she has made.

While enrolled with Scoliosis Care Centers she has time and time again proven that a comprehensive program can and will work! It is important to remember that patient success is measured in the long term, and it takes months to achieve solid reduction and to maintain it.

Meet Kaylee

Scoliosis – Surgical range “C” curve / Thoracolumbar

Kaylee was first diagnosed with scoliosis in September 2008 at age 11. At that time, the curve was measured at 17 degrees. Doctors agreed to the “wait and see” approach and told her to come back in 6 months. As time passed, Kaylee’s scoliosis was visibly getting worse. Her body began to lean to the right from the scoliosis and was creating some difficulty walking. 

Meet Jackie

Scoliosis – Surgical range “C” curve / Lumbar

Her scoliosis Cobb angle reduced from 90 degrees to 59 degrees and is still going down using non surgical scoliosis treatments through Janzen and Janzen Chiropractic’s Scoliosis Care Centers. Jackie and her family saw her curvature progress from 45° to 90° in a short period of time, while seeing other scoliosis specialists, when she arrived at SCC, it was her last effort before surgery.

Meet Rachel

Scoliosis – Primary right thoracic with developing left lumbar

Rachel’s scoliosis story began when she was just 9 years old. She was out snow skiing with her family and crashed in the snow. Her back hurt a little, but didn’t really give her too many problems until 6 months later when she was trying to pick something up and her back started to hurt to the point that she was crying. 

Meet Abdul

Scoliosis – Surgical range S curve

Abdul found out about his scoliosis when he was 14 years old at nearly 50 degrees. Living in Saudi Arabia meant surgery was his only option. When his dad stumbled upon Scoliosis Care Center’s website, he knew he found a non surgical scoliosis solution that was worth the distance.

Meet Elizabeth

Scoliosis – Left thoracolumbar

Elizabeth’s scoliosis story began at her 6th grade “Scoliosis Screening” at school when she was 12 years old. The nurse was using a Scoliometer that showed a measurement of 7 degrees of rotation. This usually equates to a Cobb angle around 3 times larger…or about a 21 degree Cobb angle. The nurse informed the parents, but really didn’t make too big a deal about it, so Elizabeth and her parents decided to hold off with doing anything. After about a year carrying a heavy back pack at school, Elizabeth’s mom noticed that her posture had gotten a little worse. That’s when they decided to go see their MD.

Meet Brianna

Scoliosis – Primary thoracic “S” curve

Brianna started treatment with Scoliosis Care Centers at age 12 with an “S” curve of 38° Thoracic spine, 26° Lumbar spine. After a little over a year of training using Scoliosis Care Center’s non surgical scoliosis treatments in office and at home exercises, her curves have been reduced to 26° Thoracic spine and 15° Lumbar spine using a Scoliosis Flexibility Trainer, Spinal weighting device, Silicon Valley Brace, nerve stretching, and supplements with more reduction possible as she grows!