Do the effects of bracing last?

Do the effects of bracing last after the brace is taken off? Do results last long term? Scientific research says YES despite misinformation you may read.

Fact Checking Scoliosis

Info about scoliosis is everywhere online: celebrity doctors; health blogs; but what info is correct? Fact check scoliosis info with science and research.

Service: MRI monitor

Scoliosis Monitoring ScoliSnapTM Standing MRI Replace Harmful Scoliosis X-rays With Standing Scoliosis MRI Monitoring Studies have shown cancer can occur 5 times as often in scoliosis patients 1 due to exposure to x-rays required throughout their treatment. This problem can be completely eliminated through the use of our 3 minute standing ScoliSnapTM Scoliosis MRI Monitoring. In fact, for most cases …

Services: Screening

Scoliosis Screening SureScreen Standing MRI Stop Using Outdated and Inaccurate Screening Methods Screening children for scoliosis using visual methods can easily miss a curve, or suggest there is a curve when there isn’t one at all. While x-ray can detect a curve, it uses harmful ionizing radiation and should be avoided whenever possible. The revolutionary …

Services: List of Service

Scoliosis Services No matter where you are in your journey, Scoliosis Care Centers offers a variety of non-surgical scoliosis services to assist patients of all ages. From screening and monitoring services; MRI based brace analysis and improvement; to our comprehensive Silicon Valley Method for treating scoliosis, patients and parents can find everything they need to …

How Are Scoliosis Braces Made?

Bracing is proven by science to prevent scoliosis surgery and straigthen the spine. Yet bracing often fails. Why does this happen and how do we prevent it?

How scoliosis is caused

How scoliosis is caused can vary depending on the type of scoliosis you have. Learn about scoliosis types, scoliosis causes, and scoliosis ICD 10 codes.