Scoliosis Pain & Posture

Not Just a Treatment - A Solution to Scoliosis Pain

Every individual seeking care through Scoliosis Care Centers Pain & Posture will receive an individualized plan outlining the steps necessary to manage their scoliosis without pain. For some cases that can mean a few treatments here and there and for other’s an entire Scoliosis Care Centers course is drawn up with in office visits to develop a program specific to their curves shape to provide them the best possible tools for the scoliosis.

For those without pain who are interested in correcting their posture, there is a care plan for you. Strength, flexibility and movement come together in a posture program that will translate to your everyday life and give you the tools to look and feel better.

The staff at Janzen and Janzen Chiropractic’s Scoliosis Care Centers ranges from integrative medicine specialist to Schroth trained professionals who work one on one with every scoliosis fighter to get to the bottom of their pain and get them on track.

adult scoliosis strength training exercise for posture correction

”I have great appreciation for the knowledge of each chiropractor at Janzen and Janzen Chiropractic’s Scoliosis Care Centers. Dr. Mike and Dr. Matt have managed to bring together a cohensive team of chiropractors, trainers and schroth physiotherapists who are together working towards the goal of stopping each patient’s scoliosis, who keenly understand and respect one another’s piece of the puzzle within the overall objective.”

– Diane K, Scoliosis Pain Patient

Is Scoliosis Care Centers right for me?

Janzen and Janzen Chiropractic’s Scoliosis Care Centers Pain & Posture program is incredibly individualized to encompass a plan for every curve. A thorough evaluation is a crucial part of every courses beginning and is the first step towards the solution to scoliosis.

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